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African Clothing is a trademark promoting African Apparel, Textiles products and Footwear “Made in Africa” AGOA eligible Countries. We are assisting Fashion Designers, Stylists and Craftmen to take full advantage of the AGOA legislation as a consortium. Our team is ready to make to process easier for you by providing administrative, marketing, legal and merchandising assistance so that you can access the US market like a Professional and trusted brand.

On our online marketplace, the members will have their biography so that the customers can know from who they are buying, your lookbook for available collections, an access to see how the sales are going, invitation to attend our Sales Events and also our promotion platform dedicated to the AGOA promotion and business opportunities. We also provide assistance to the Designers interested to attend our Fashion Camp for photo shooting, master classes by Fashion Experts.

Besides our online marketplace, we are establishing partnership with the main US Buyers and Retailers to sell more for our Members. Click here to see our Photo shooting sites in the Cities of New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami.

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