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When you are in the United States,  specially in New York State and you think about Fashion, Apparel Shopping, you will think naturally or they will direct you absolutely around the Downtown area, everybody will tell you go to Macy’s, Manhattan Mall, Victoria’s Secret, JC Penny, Marshalls, Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, Saks 5th Avenue, Marshalls, Target and so on. If you are thinking about African Style Clothing and Apparel, some will direct you in Harlem area (116th to 135th Street) but not in the Downtown area. It is sad to say that but it’s true, I have been in all these abovementioned stores but I have not seen any garments of at least the Top African Fashion Designers.

Considering this, I said to myself there is a huge job to do to give to the African Fashion Industry the recognition they deserve and also help them increase their jobs openings to create economic growth and fight for poverty eradication with the Apparel industry. African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is the best cooperation agreement between United States and African Countries and they should take advantage of it before 2025.

The best way for the African Fashion Designers / Brands / Apparel Companies to access the American Market is to be and stay united under one brand which will function as one Entity and also as an Export Consortium for the AGOA Apparel and Textile Products. A’frican Clothing is a registered Trademark at the US Patent and Trademark Office under the serial number 86605355. It is working as an Export Consortium to promote the African Clothing, Textiles Produts and the Make-Up Goods from the AGOA countries in the United States. Working with the Top Buyers and Retailers, Online and in many Stores, We are working to provide the largest Distribution Network for African garments in America.

All the Fashion Designers or Brands joining the Consortium will keep their style, brand, trademark or name so that they can be recognized by their existing customers. The logo / clothes etiquette under the apparel and textile products will be presented like A’frican Clothing by Name of the Fashion Designer or Name of the Designer for A’frican Clothing (A’frican Clothing by Pathe’O or Pathe’O for A’frican Clothing for example).

To be a part of the A’frican Clothing AGOA Export Consortium, the African Fashion Designers / Brands must come from an AGOA eligible country, be in the Fashion business for at least five years. Those taking part to the AGOA Apparel Fashion Weeks (New York, Los Angeles, Miami) will get a certification from the World Fashion Brand & Merchandising Group (WFBM) / World Fashion Organization (WFO)  and benefit from not only the advantages of a registration at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) but also to these advantages:


Being a World Fashion Organization Certified Designer will give you many opportunities in the United States of America and support from World Fashion Brands & Merchandising Group such as:

– Participation possibilities to the African Apparel, Textiles & Footwear Exhibition, our Sales Events in the main US Cities, AGOA Apparel Fashion Weeks (New York, Los Angeles, Miami) and Fashion Weeks / Events affiliated to World Fashion Organization around the world;

– Assistance in the exports procedures under AGOA (AGOA visa, Certificate of Origin, discount on your exports from Africa, an online marketplace to promote and sell your products;

– Possibility to use the Distribution Network of prestigious established Buyers and Retailers (Stores and online sales) in the United States;

– Invitation letters and discount on your participation fees to the activities related to the AGOA Festival in the United States;

– Possibility to attract Customers from US based Celebrities participating to the AGOA Apparel Ambassadors Program;

– Participation in Building knowledges activities (Master classes, conferences, workshops, etc.)  on AGOA Apparel legislation;

– World Fashion Brands & Merchandising Group will be working as Global Merchandiser exclusively for the Fashion products. It will best benefit you in the sales, distribution and profit/revenue generation;

– Those WFO certified will be always given the priority consideration for WFO-related event sponsorship;

– International Trade Organization® (IO/TBD) will be the most effective platform for the affinity services and global supply chain for the trade of your fashion products;

– To join send us a mail to

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